Jaeger Tracing with a RADIUS Server

ClearBox RADIUS Server has added support for Jaeger tracing. Jaeger tracing can be beneficial for monitoring and troubleshooting RADIUS servers in several ways:

1. Performance Optimization: Jaeger tracing can help identify performance bottlenecks in your RADIUS server by providing detailed information about the latency of each individual request, including the time spent on authentication, authorization, and accounting.

2. Debugging: When debugging issues with your RADIUS server, Jaeger tracing can provide valuable insights into what's happening with individual requests, including any errors or exceptions that may have occurred.

3. Service Dependencies: As the RADIUS server relies on other services to function properly, Jaeger tracing can help you understand how these dependencies are affecting performance and identify any issues that may be impacting your server's ability to authenticate users.

4. Scalability: Finally, as your RADIUS server scales to handle more requests, Jaeger tracing can help you ensure that all requests are being handled efficiently and that there are no issues with resource utilization that could impact performance.

The product manual contains instructions on how to run the tracing.